Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Support

When instead of turning on the Alexa connected devices, your Echo Dot, replies,” The lights connected to <device> is not responding”, the issue mainly resides at the server side of the Alexa device manufacturer. So, either wait for the server issue to fix or contact the experts.
This question has a mixed answer. Simply put, your Alexa device cannot connect directly to the Youtube. But, if you try launching youtube on your mobile and later, connect it with the Alexa device through Bluetooth speakers, it will surely connect.
Most of the time, it’s the device location that is restricting the actual and fine operations of the echo device. So, place your Echo Dot away from the wall and 8-inches above floor beside, stopping all other noises from entering the place, where echo is placed.
When the right ring is turning blue, after you say its wake word, this means that your device is responding. So, in order to fix the issue of no sound, check the microphone button (at the top device) and turn it on by pressing it with your finger.
Network problem, hardware issues, or wrong or congested Wi-Fi password can be the main reasons for Echo devices troubling you while trying to connect with Wi-Fi. So, contact the manufacturer to get the issues fixed faster. If the concerned body fails to provide a solution, call 1-877-773-5402
For this, first, make sure that your device is not located near your home Wi-Fi network. Besides this, ensure you have a Wi-Fi hotspot supporting cellular service plan, mobile with Alexa app, and latest software update for your echo device.
In Echo Plus second generation, fix the issue by changing the codec to aptX. Just, go to settings of Bluetooth device, click on advances and select the Bluetooth codec option from the list to change its value. This will surely fix your problem in seconds.
Possibly, the following reasons are responsible for the issue. So, check them one-by-one. These may include unsupportive Alexa device or Bluetooth profiles, damaged batteries, external interference, or abounding devices on Bluetooth list.
All the echo devices have a voice-recognition system that helps these Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot recognize the wake word and follow the instructions given by its user. To add on, you can even change the default set wake word-“Alexa” to Amazon, Echo, and Computer.
Yes, of course! The devices like Echo Dot can connect to Bluetooth speakers. To connect the device, turn on the pairing mode of Bluetooth speakers> then, navigate to the menu and select your Alexa device that you wish to connect.
None of them depends on each other to function. This means you don’t necessarily need the Alexa app to run echo device. Still, we suggest visiting the and getting detailed information about voice and echo purchase.
Alexa is more than any Echo device. Simply put, you don’t need Echo devices to run Alexa- a cloud-based personal voice assistant. In fact, you can get Alexa on products other than Echo device, as well.  However, for a one-time registration of Alexa app, you need an echo device.
Yes, you can! All you need is registered Alexa app installed on iOS or Android smartphone, and ask it to make a call or send messages at free of cost. Besides this, you can even receive the messages or call from all other users, who have the Alexa app on their device.
Get a router with an excellent Internet speed, connect the Echo device with Alexa app and next, connect the app with the Wi-Fi. Once it is done successfully, start uttering specific phrases and let your device identify those commands to start and run properly.
Installed Alexa app on the system, consistent and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and your plugged Echo device in the socket is all you need- to get started with any Echo device and Alexa app. Interestingly, you can download and use the Alexa app free of cost.