Refund Policy

  1. Smart Dot Support provides transparent charges and transaction system. In case of any alternative suggestions and disputes, we also provide a transparent procedure to resolve the customer’s request.

Note: However, it is essential that the customer’s request for claiming a refund must be valid. Otherwise, possesses all the right to decline any request for refund (except in special situations).

  1. After 7 days of purchase, normally no request for the refund will be accepted unless some justified reasons are provided by the customers. During any such circumstances, the customer has to explain why the refund was not claimed earlier along with the satisfactory explanation as to why the refund is needed.

Note: may issue a partial refund based on its sole discretion.

  1. With more than 30 days of purchase, the transaction will be deemed as final and no refund will be made, except in special circumstances.
  2. Besides this, the refund will be made to the account from which payment was made. In case, the account is closed, your paid subscription fee will not be refunded.
  3. Even the customers who make repeated purchases and claim for refund to make further purchases; Smart Dot Support can cancel their services or restrict them from making any request in the near future.

Apart from these policies, Smart Dot Support provides 30 days money back warranty that can be claimed in case of non-contented services. But, here also, there are certain terms and conditions that apply.

  1. The partial fee is refunded in case your request for the technical issue isn’t resolved within 15 days of the subscribed In case, the technical request is resolved and still, you wish to end the subscription, then the customer claiming the refund has to pay one-time technician fee ($49.99).
  2. However, after the multiple requests from a customer are heard and resolved, if the person tends to end the subscription just 30-days before the end of subscription, then he/she has to pay support charge ($99.99)
  3. For incident based support, the customers claiming the refund will not be entertained. In other words, customers falling under this category will not be eligible to claim the refund.
  4. Other than this, your account becomes ineligible to receive a refund, if
  • You file a chargeback even after availing our services
  • You file a chargeback without asking for the refund in written through the email address provided.
  1. Smart Dot Support or any of its representatives doesn’t keep the record of your credit cards. We also don’t deduct any amount from your card without prior consent.
  2. Lastly, the refund will be made as per the time left for the subscription period.

Credit Card Details and Payment

  1. While making any payment in the name of our company, it implies that the customer has understood all about the inclusive charges in the total fee.
  2. Besides this, if the payment is made before the beginning of the subscription cycle, then the customer can claim to receive tech support services. Other than this, the customer can claim for the refund, only if there isn’t any sort of fraudulent activity
  3. Furthermore, any special offer or discount available on the service stays valid only if the plan hasn’t expired, the customer doesn’t plan to drop the services, or the customer hasn’t claimed for the refund of the services.
  4. When making payment through the credit/ debit card or internet banking, it implies that the customer authorizes the issuer to make the payment, without the need for a signed receipt.
  5. The Smart Dot support customer also acknowledges that the company isn’t liable for any insufficient funds or other charges incurred during the transaction.

The refund policies herein may change without any prior notification. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to review the stated policies and stay informed of any changes.

For those, who have any queries/doubt; can email us at