Remote Access

Smart Dot Support’s geek can access and fix any of your issues remotely, once you agree to the following defined terms and conditions.

  1. After requesting for technical support services with Smart Dot Support, you comply with our geek’s For instance, they may ask you to download or install software from certain site to fix the issue.
  2. You are ready to provide remote access to your system, in case looking for an instant fix or you’re unable to resolve the issue with provided instructions.
  3. You allow the Smart Dot Support’s geek to collect and modify system settings in order to diagnose and fix the issue.

Once the issue is resolved, the third party software used to create a remote connection will be removed. The Smart Dot Support makes use of licensed and trusted software to build the remote connection with your system. The software or tools will only be used to diagnose and fix the difficult technical issues on your system.

On requesting services through remote access, it automatically implies that you’ve granted permission to our geeks to use any Support software tool that is essential for repair. Besides this, it is also believed that you as a customer also understand that,

  1. You have all the rights to end or disconnect the remote access to the service provider during the remote session.
  2. You may have a text or XML file placed on your system that will store all the changes or work done during the remote session on your computer. Next, it is up to you whether you wish to save or delete that file from your computer.
  3. The system will not have any residual software from the remote session.
  4. All your technical issues will be resolved right in front of you and the session will be recorded for stern quality and security standards.

Important: Before providing remote access to the system, you agree to have enclosed all the confidential and personnel files. Additionally, you also comply to have created a backup of the system files that otherwise may get lost while fixing the technical issue.

We also have a very strict policy, abide by which none of our experts or representatives will download or copy any file or document from your device. Even your shared personal information will be accessed as per the privacy policies Here.