Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions herein pertain to the services purchased from smartdotsupport.com. The company has defined this agreement based on the services sold to customers and availed by users. Registration for company’s services or access to website information implies that the user accepts each condition without any reservation.

Therefore, before associating with the company or accessing its information or services, consumers and visitors should read the policies. If you do not agree with the company’s terms and conditions, kindly don’t choose, access, or opt for any of our technical support services.

The Smart Dot Support can make changes in its policies without serving any prior notice. So, both the visitors and customers must review the policies periodically, to know about any changes, if done.

Support Services and Restrictions

  1. Smart Dot Support will provide its customers with great technical support services via instant live chat, unlimited telephone, and email services. The assistance term and type will depend on the Support agreement purchased by the customers. We also provide Product ID to the Smart Dot Support’s customers. This license key is required to continue availing the Tech support services.
  2. The Smart Dot Support is available for your services Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm at Pacific Standard Time. We care for our customers, that’s why we listen to your technical issues, even on weekends and the S observed holidays. However, our support availability may vary as per the prevailing conditions like company events, systems and server maintenance, natural calamity or disaster, and other circumstances beyond the control of Smart Dot Support Company.
  3. Besides this, the Techies will attend the customer’s phone queries on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, email support requests will process within 48 hours of the business
  4. In accordance with the terms and conditions on the Smart Dot Support’s website, you will receive the support and services. However, the company has no obligation to offer their services unless they receive full payment as per the agreement.
  5. Smart Dot Support may cancel the support services if the customers are found using services in an abusive or fraudulent manner. During the services cancellation, the paid amount is non-refundable or non-transferable.
  6. You also cannot resale or transfer the purchased support plan. However, if you’re found doing so, all your support rights will get terminated without any prior notice.
  7. Customers will receive services only for the product, they’ve purchased. However, the services for a particular product may subject to change without any prior notice. So, keep a check on the policies to review the availability of the product’s
  8. Smart Dot support recommends all the customers to maintain data backup for avoiding any loss of data. You must also have a disaster recovery plan for the corrupted software or data.

Content Responsibility and Modification

The support services, written material, software, and other information on the website are collectively known as “Content.”

  1. Smart Dot Support has all the right to delete, add, or modify the website content, configuration, and other data, without any prior notice.
  2. The customers using the website after the modifications or adjustments, (such as imposing charges on some services or removal of any special offer) indicates that he/she has accepted the changes without any conflict.
  3. Any sort of damages arising from the impossibility or use of the Smart Dot services is solely the responsibility of an individual. The company is neither responsible nor oblige any individual to access them.

Content Access

  1. Customers and visitors are strictly prohibited from misusing the website material, software, or content in a way that manipulates its meaning and affects the website’s performance.
  2. The smartdotsupport.com and all its content, graphics, images, logos, design, and photographs are the property of Smart Dot Support. So, none of these content, material, or software can be reproduced, copied, distributed, or republished, without prior written permission from the management. Violation of this condition will subject to legal inquiry and trial/ punishment by the court.
  3. Customer, visitors, or any third party is prohibited from posting the website’s related content on the mail lists, bulletin boards, or newsgroups. Moreover, you can only have a limited access to the website’s content. Any attempt to use or access the sensitive information or restricted areas of the website will be liable to trial or court punishments.
  4. Smart Dot Support disclaims any authority, integrity, or accuracy of the information provided on the website from the other sources.
  5. The company also doesn’t hold any responsibility for the damage caused to the user’s data or device due to the access of the provided content on the website.

Legal Terms

  1. Smart Dot Support’s customers and visitors agree that the website use and any legal proceeding against this site shall be governed by the State laws (where the site is maintained).
  2. In case of any attempt to file the lawsuit against the Smart Dot Support or its website, it automatically means that the concerned individual or organization has agreed that-

Smart Dot Support is free to select the preferred jurisdiction as to where any legal action against them can be held.”

  1. After agreeing to the above-stated point, we can defend the suit in the State, regardless of the fact that where in the world you’ve visited the site.
  2. During any such legal case, it is considered that the website information shared or submitted by you (“customer/visitor), is non-confidential. Moreover, while submitting any of the website information, you represent that you are legally entitled to and have the lawful right to do so.

If the users have any question or doubt regarding the defined terms and conditions, kindly mail your inquiries to support@smartdotsupport.com